Light grey without infinity


Patrick Alston, Elan Cadiz, David C Terry, Ruhee Maknojia, Tammy Nguyen, Kennedy Yanko

8th February - 2nd March

This year’s edition of Harlem Perspectives will present works by a selection of artists who deconstruct history through their process of art making.  With their hands, a brush, or through a lens, the artists investigate, manipulate and work materials and objects that are charged with a personal and/or political narrative.  While teasing, tearing and appropriating materials, the artists examine the cultural values and historical significance placed on the objects or subjects in their work.  The resulting works define a new narrative revealing how the artists may find reconciliation or antipathy through the process and prompting the viewer to question preconceived notions and beliefs.


Curator Leanne Stella says: “Harlem is often called a state of mind that extends beyond its physical boundaries, of which the people, the streets, the cultural influences are in a continual state of flux while remaining a true community. The artists in this exhibition are reflective of this dynamic place called Harlem. Each of the artists presents a unique perspective that challenges and redefines history and biased views or values.  As a group these artists echo the diversity of Harlem that thrives and coexists despite the current divisive political rhetoric.”


Gallery hours:

Wednesday - Saturday 12 to 6 pm

Sundays 12 - 4 pm                     


+1 646 662 1195

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